Collection: Yarns- Books- Kits

Millspun & Handspun Yarns sourced from Romney Wool raised at 3L&S Farms!

Millspun Yarn is Custum Spun at Small Family Owned Mills who also raise Sheep.  Wool is sourced from fleeces from our Romney Flock. 

Handspun yarn is created by Owner/Shepherdess Penny Swearingen.  All are Limited edition yarns and most are sourced from Romney fleeces. Some yarns may have some embellishments of fleece from other sheep breeds, fiber animals and shiny plant based fiber.

Yarns offered in a range of end use possibilities such as knitting, crocheting, needle felting, fine apparel weaving or rug hooking or weaving.

Kits for Braiding Rugs- Spinning w/ a Dropspindle- Knitting a Small Project.