About 3L&S Farms

3L&S Farms is a Michigan family farm specializing in outstanding Romney sheep and wool!

The name "3L&S" is representative of Penny and her two daughters (the 3L, for three ladies) and her son (the S for son).

3L&S has registered Romney sheep - bred for productivity, gorgeous wool fleeces and lamb production.

The Romney breed is one of the best wool breeds of sheep. Romney sheep are a dual purpose breed - supplying quality lamb meat and outstanding wool. 

3L&S Farms is in it from beginning to end!

Penny personally manages the daily feeding and care of the animals with a little help, mostly from her husband and working livestock dogs. 

The wool fiber form 3L&S Farms comes from their very own animals. 

Penny evaluates fleeces for suitability, then skirts, washes and dyes... all on their Michigan farm. 

Fleeces are accurately categorize according to what you are going to use the fiber for by Penny based on her own expertise as a spinner, dyer, and knitter. 

3L&S Farms also offers dependable Romney sheep breeding stock that produce outstanding lambs and spectacular raw fleeces.

More About 3L&S Farms

3L&S Farms is a Family owned Sheep and Wool business located in South Central Michigan.  Home to a premier flock of Registered Romney Sheep we delight in sharing the bounty from breeding rams and ewes to the fiber they produce.

Sheep are offered private sale or through one ARBA sanctioned show in a year. 

Quality Romney Fleeces

We produce fleeces ranging from white to silver, dark gray, chocolate and black with silver highlights. All our fleeces are marketed through the Fiber Arts community.  In order to meet that quality standard the fleeces are tended year round to ensure at shearing time a quality fleece is produced. Fleeces are evaluated when they go to the skirting table on quality and project suitability. 

Dyed Romney Wool

Romney wool is know for its luster and ability to show off the dye colors. Many fleeces are channeled through shows and others are targeted to go to the dye pots to create glorious color. Fleeces that are dyed end up in Roving or handspun yarn for Fiber Artists. The washing and dying of fleeces is performed on the farm. 

Mill Processed Romney Wool

Some fleeces are set aside to be sent to a Fiber Mill to be processed into Natural Color Roving or Yarn.  Penny does use a Picker and drum carder but not at sufficient speed to handle 200 #’s of wool in a year.  She has worked with 4 Fiber Mills very closely over the past 5 years and sends fleeces to them based on Inventory needs and the Mills strengths. 

Washed Locks and the Natural Color Rovings are available most of the time.  Colors of Dyed Locks and Rovings are seasonal and dye lots are one time only.   

Hand Knits and Woven Products

Hand crafted items are prepared to showcase particularly lovely fleeces or colors in the hand knitted vest, scarf, bag or woven rug.  All hand crafted items use 70% Romney wool produced on our farm or from a local farm who have animals from our farm.  Occasionally, Penny supports another breeder or breed and purchases a fleece to “play” with and offers an item handcrafted from that breed.