Small Flocks= Family Farms = Small Businesses!

Small Flocks= Family Farms = Small Businesses!

What's the Big Deal about Supporting Small Family Flocks and Businesses??

Small Family Flocks are just that, owned by Familys or Individuals who own and operate a Flock of Sheep or other Livestock.  What we look like vary from Neighbor to Neighbor, Region or State but all are the same in that the work and accountability fall on the shoulders of private individuals. Not Corporate owned Operations who are publicly traded on the Stock Exchange and faceless Investors who buy shares with demographics that range from folks building their retirement fund to Foreign Investors. 

Where in Family Farms, family members have to make sure all the animals and land are properly taken care, Bills are covered, taxes are paid and State and Federal Regulations are followed.  Corporate owned Operational decisions are made by a Board of Directors who can hire specialist in accounting, taxes, regulatory, human resources etc.  They have the Invested Shareholder dollars to cover Capitol, Land, Building improvement and other niceties that Family Farm Operations sometimes just dream about. 

3L&S Farms is a Family Farm, Owned and operated by Penny Swearingen for 41 years.  Family help came from 3 children as they grew and became involved with their livestock 4H & FFA projects.  Newest to join is Penny's husband Neil Hasbrouck.  Neil is learning the ropes on a sheep farm with all the fun that comes with hard winters, crazy weather swings in spring ie. MUD, Summer Thunder-storms and Power Losses.  Our modest flock of 45 Romney Breeding ewes and rams qualify as a small flock. Mostly, though they provide so much more than some needed income than I should cover here. 

Supporting Small Flocks is as simple as taking interest in activities or understanding the concerns of those in your area. 

AND during Seasons like the Holidays you can contribute while making choices on how you are going to celebrate, host or gift giving.  Supporting Small Flocks may be as simple as sharing the Flock's Events with your friends and family or purchasing even one small item.  

Mostly Though, Penny & Neil @ 3L&S Farms want to wish you a Great Holiday Season!!

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