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Locks Midnight Blue dyed Romney Locks- 2.5 ounces

Locks Midnight Blue dyed Romney Locks- 2.5 ounces

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Hand-dyed, 3LS Farm Raised Romney Locks. Deep Midnight Blue locks! Wonderful bouncy locks. Fiber Artist and Handspinning ready!

3L&S Romney Wool was Hand-dyed on the farm a rich Midnight Blue color.  Locks have been opened up and seperated by hand.  Locks are ready for handspinning, needle felting or any project you want to embellish with color.  

-100% 3LS Romney Wool

-Hand-Dyed on the Farm 

- 6 inch Locks

-Bouncy Romney locks with some tips royal blue

-2.5 ounces

 -Farm Raised in Michigan 

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Fiber and Rovings are guaranteed and if they do not meet your expectations, arrangements can be made to exchange or refund after returned in original condition.

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