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Raw Romney White Ewe Fleece - 3L 2128

Raw Romney White Ewe Fleece - 3L 2128

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Beautiful french fry lock structure in this fleece.  Lustrous fiber! Skirted for wonderful Handspinninng or Fiber Arts Experience! 

This fleece has very dirty tips which detracts from its appearance making it look dull. It has a nice hand and will wash up beautifully.  Lock structure is even through the fleece and hosts a 5 1/2' Staple Length! 

Ready for Handspinning. Heavily skirted fleece with any damaged or heavily Veggie Matter contaminated areas removed.  Hand Spinning Ready.

White Romney Ewe Fleece                                                                                           Shearing Date: October 2023
Age: 2 years old                             
Staple Length:  5 1/2 inch            
Weight: 4 lbs 3oz
Blanketed: No

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