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Waxed Linen Thread - Gray - Thread for Braiding Rugs

Waxed Linen Thread - Gray - Thread for Braiding Rugs

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The Linen Thread needed to Create your own Home Funishings by Braiding a Wool Rug out of Roving! This is the Linen Thread recommended in the "Shepherd's Rug Book".  

Waxed Linen thread will not migrate through and cut into your rug.  The Linen is also long wearing and lasts generations.  Just what is needed for sewing together those braids of Romney Roving into hard wearing , beautiful Rugs!

-1 Spool Waxed  Linen Thread

- Thread Quantatiy ennough to makke Approximately 3 seperate 2' x 3' Rugs, 

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Fiber and Rovings are guaranteed and if they do not meet your expectations, arrangements can be made to exchange or refund after returned in original condition.

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